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This policy is valid from the 21st of May 2014.

The reading of this website (www.thesparklepages.blogspot.co.uk) is of your own free will, and should you not accept these Terms and Conditions, you should cease to use it.

The content of this website is for general information, and my own personal views.  The content of this website is subject to change at any time, without prior warning.

Although I endeavour to ensure the information I share (e.g. product pricing/names etc.) is as accurate as possible, I cannot guarantee that the accuracy, reliability, completeness and suitability of said information is always correct.

Under no circumstances will accept the responsibility of any loss or damage regarding the information I share on this website.  (If, for example, I apply blusher to a brush, tap the brush against the compact mirror, to shake off  any excess, and share with you this tip: I will not accept any responsibility for loss of makeup/smashed compact mirrors/broken powder/broken brushes etc. haha!)

Access to this site may be temporarily unavailable without prior notice at my own discretion.

Privacy Statement

Any personal/contact information provided to me will NOT be shared and will be kept private.  I will NOT sell or disclose any personal/contact information to anyone else or companies.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers, or blog commenters on the site.

I, of The Sparkle Pages, reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use at my own discretion.  I also reserve the right to delete or edit comments that are submitted to www.thesparklepages.blogspot.co.uk, without notice.


I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers.  If you purchase a product from an advertisement of my blog, then any issues that arise you will have to resolve with the company you bought it from.  I will not take responsibility from any issues that may have arisen from products bought through advertisements on my blog.

All my reviews on my website will be presented honestly, and if I have been commissioned for a review that it will be disclosed in the said blog post. Any review I give will be of my honest opinion, and if I don't agree with the product being reviewed on my blog I reserve the right to not review it.  I will state that I have been sent the said product for review in the review post too.


Any responses (comments/tweets/emails etc.) provided from Social Media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Google Plus), or questions directed specifically at me may be used to share with my blogging audience unless specifically requested otherwise.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer! I am grateful for your compliance towards my blogs' terms and conditions.