Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Stay Positive

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! 

Yesterday I had a proper realisation of finishing University, missing my housemates, had I made the right decision with my course? Is what I'm planning in the future what I really want? And so on.. So as a Pinterest fan, I took to Pinterest searching for positivity, which made me feel a lot happier! Realising that I could actually relate to a lot of quotations I decided to create one (using a background photo I took in Spain last week! haha). So if any of you are feeling down or blue, maybe have a read of this:

It's so true that some of the best days of our lives may not have happened yet! You always hear that Uni and School are the best days of your life, but what about after? Personally, yes Uni did have some amazing times, but it also had really stressful times too, and I feel this often gets masked. I think it is important to remember good times, but also never forget that something amazing may happen in the future :)

Stay positive!