Sunday, 22 June 2014

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Resort Paris

I've been told on numerous occasions to check the character Meet & Greet times from the programme handed to you in City Hall, but still I forgot to check these and the only time I met characters was by coincidence! So if you want to meet characters please remember to check the programme!!

My sister +Rachael Lily and I spent one of our day's in the Walt Disney Studios Park and this is where we met Mickey Mouse!  We were just wandering around after lunch and spotted Mickey just after the Crush's Coaster ride, infront of the "Toon Town" backdrop. It was a bit strange because there was only one family around him and normally if there's a character everyone rushes to them! Anyway we made a beeline straight for him! Determined on getting a photo before other people noticed his presence haha! So here is our selfie with Mickey:

My sister and I with Mickey

When meeting Mickey I suggest to:
* Bring your autograph book!
* A chunky pen for him to hold
* Bring your camera! *fromage!*
* Prepare for queuing of up to an hour (this was the case for Minnie Mouse!)
* Be respectful of others and let younger children in before you haha!

We were lucky enough to meet Ariel, Russell (from Up!), Buzz and Minnie too.  It is important to note that if you want to meet a Princess you have to reserve a slot (slots open at 10.30am to 12pm) in a location between the Princess Pavillion and The Old Mill, and then return to the Princess Pavillion at the allocated time.  We actually didn't realise that this was the whole Princess procedure so turned up at the slots at about half past 11.  Luckily this meant we didn't really have to queue in the reservations queue, but it's risky leaving it until later as the slots are subject to availability.  We still did about 15 minutes of queuing even though we arrived at the beginning of our slot, so be warned haha! My sister and I actually decided the next day that we wanted to meet another Princess, so headed to reservations for their half 10 opening, and the queue was so big we didn't bother in the end!

Comment me a link to your Disney photos on your blog if you have them! I'd love to see what else people got up to! :D