Wednesday, 16 April 2014

8 reasons why Hunstanton is actually great!

16th of April 2014

Being local to Hunstanton (Sunny Hunny) I don't often spend time doing the more touristy things available.  On a revision break yesterday my sister and I decided to go to Sunny Hunny and do as the tourists do!  Here I have compiled a list to show that Sunny Hunny is pretty great to visit :)

1. Sunsets

The east coast of England offers one of the best areas to see both sunrises and sunsets over the sea.  As Hunstanton is situated around the Wash it actually faces West towards the sea, and can show some spectacular sunsets.

2. Old Hunstanton Beach

Old Hunstanton Beach is where I go with my family.  It is beautiful and not so busy.  The coast stretches for miles, and it is great to walk the dog along here.  Cute beach huts are hidden behind the dunes, and it is a great showcase of the unspoilt Norfolk coastline.  

3. New Hunstanton Attractions

The Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary suffered severe damage after the floods of December 5th 2013 destroyed much of the building. But all the fishes and animals were safely evacuated!  The Wash hosts the biggest common seal colony in the whole of Europe and the sanctuary has shown great success in the rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing of seal pups.  The best time for seal sightings is in June and July.  

It's great to go and visit the arcades in New Hunstanton if you have spare shrapnel on you! You don't normally win much but yesterday my sister and I won 2 little Finding Nemo toys haha! The one we normally visit is the one at the Pier (below the bowling complex).  It is perfect if the weather turns cooler and you want something cheap to do! 

Keeping it traditional to its Victorian roots, Pony Rides are available along the beach in New Hunstanton for £2.50 a ride..  Here is a little photo of a pony I took yesterday:

4. Hunstanton Rock

As with most seaside towns, Hunstanton hosts a variety of sweet shops selling everything under the sun.  So if you, like me, have a bit of a sweet tooth I can guarantee you will find something you love in this cute sweet shops.  Below is a photo of my sister posing next to some rock, haha!

5. Fish and Chips!

There have been countless occasions where I have had fish and chips on the  sandy beaches.  In New Hunstanton I've been to Cod'licious and Vegas a few times, but be careful of the seagulls trying to steal your food from you!

6. The Lighthouse

The Old Hunstanton Lighthouse had the world's first parabolic reflector, which is the shiny sheet inside that reflects the light outwards.  If you decide to visit the Lighthouse you can walk down the cliff towards Old Hunstanton beach and take a lovely long stroll from here, then end at The Ancient Mariner Inn.

7. Summer Events

Hunstanton Tennis Week occurs every year (normally in August) and is the biggest Lawn Tennis Tournament in Britain.  Also, Lifestyles Festival which is Hunstanton's extreme sport and culture festival occurs each summer too, this year in September.  The Hunstanton Sailing club offers events throughout the year, and this year will host the 40th year anniversary of the Mirror Miracles Association, a very prestigious event! Also if you are interested in WaterSports you will often see people kite surfing, sailing, wind-surfing etc. around this stretch many of the local shops sell equipment/wet-suits etc. to allow visitors to give it a go :) 

8. Deaf Havana

Hunstanton is the home to Deaf Havana, need I say more! Here is their video for Hunstanton Pier:


If you are around Norfolk this Summer make sure you visit Sunny Hunny! :)

Happy reading! Amy :) x