Sunday, 27 April 2014

My 5 Essential iPhone Apps

If you are looking for some new apps to download, or perhaps you want to have a re-organisation of the apps on your phone then look no further! Here is a list of my 5 favourite iPhone apps that I use everyday.  I've excluded the most popular apps such as: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat etc. as I'm pretty sure most of you reading this will already have these on your phone.

1. Afterlight
Afterlight costs 69p on the App Store.

By being a blogger I take loads of photos everyday and if I share them with you all I want them to look as good as they can.  This is where Afterlight steps in! Afterlight is perfect for easy editing yet there are so many more tools that you can use compared to the basic ones and filters provided with Instagram (9/10 times when I add a photo to Instagram I edit it with Afterlight before hand!).

A feature I love about Afterlight is that your photos don't have to be square! Why does Instagram force you into having square photos? :( With Afterlight you can get the full picture, and if you want to add it to Instagram, you can add vertical borders down the sides to make it square.  You can also add shape overlays - I love adding the heart on top (see the photos below :)). Afterlight has loads more filters than Instagram, and you can choose how much the filter influences the photo too.  

Here are some photos I have edited with Afterlight:

2. Pinterest 
Pinterest is free on the App Store.  

If you are new to Pinterest then it basically allows you to create "boards" where you pin images that you find, to it, or a similar collective grouping.  For example, I have a board called "Dream Home" where I've found images on the Popular and Home Decor categories, that I'd love to have in my future home.  You can follow your friends and other users and see what they pin to their boards too.  Pinterest is perfect for getting inspiration for loads of things, and I've learnt how to do cute hair and makeup from looking at the DIY pieces!

Pinterest is perfect for doing a bit of research on that new plait you want to learn, or seeing how to create friendship bracelets etc.  you can find pretty much everything on there.  Also if you've got a bit of time to kill then it is perfect for passive scrolling, and seeing what's popular at the minute.  I'd definitely recommend setting up a Pinterest account, even if you don't fancy getting the app, you can still sign up for free on their website:

3. Timehop
 Timehop is free on the App Store.

Timehop is great fun and actually quite interesting.  It basically provides an overview of what you were doing this day, last year/ 2 years ago/3 years ago etc.  When you download it, it asks you what social media you'd like it to synchronise to, so mine is set-up connected to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and shows you your activity from this day in your social media history.  It's great to see what you were up to and it's almost like looking though a sort of virtual online diary of your life! haha :)

It brings back memories that you may have not thought about since that day! Some of it can be quite cringey though like I saw one recently where I had tweeted some Youtuber (not saying who!) proper fangirling haha!

4. Dots
Dots is free on the App Store.

Dots is an incredibly addictive game that my boyfriend introduced me to!  According to the App Store it is the number one game in 21 countries.. so you may have heard of it, but I hadn't.  All you have to do is connect as many of the same-coloured dots together in 60 seconds, but you score more by creating squares and rectangles etc.  It's great because you can see your friends' scores on Facebook and Twitter and it just makes you want to play it more and more! My all-time best score is 319! Can you beat it?! Probably, haha!

5. O2 Priority Moments
O2 Priority Moments is free on the App Store.

Obviously this app is only great if you're on O2!  I'm not going to spend to long talking about this app because I know many of you won't be on O2.  I love this app because there's always offers,  and freebies (usually Hotel Chocolat and WHSmith) to grab when you make a visit to town.

All you simply do is choose an offer from a store (say it's Caffe Nero), select redeem, and then it will give you a unique code to present to the cashier in Caffe Nero.  Then you're done and can collect your free hot chocolate! :)  You can also enter competitions, and apply for certain tickets early too, which is always a bonus!

Anyway this is my list of essential apps (so far!) thank you for reading! What else do you use on your phones? :)  Have you ever tried any of the apps that I've mentioned?  Let me know in the comments your thoughts :)

Love Amy :) xx