Monday, 3 March 2014

Review of The Old Siam in York

2nd of March 2014

First of all I am just going to say that I can't believe that it is March already! Your third year at uni really flies by and it's hard to keep up.. So we are nearly a quarter of the way through 2014 :o

Okay so last night Ollie and I decided to go out for some Thai food and came across The Old Siam on TripAdvisor.

As soon as we walked in the waiter offered immediately to take our wet coats from us and we headed towards a tucked away table by the bar. Just from walking in, you could tell this restaurant had more atmosphere than most other restaurants on the street, which was an immediate plus. Inside, the room was decorated in warm colours with a lot of intricate Thai ornaments and pictures.  Also, there was a beautiful archway decorated in fairy lights (my favourite haha!) to make the room look more interesting.

Ollie and I ordered our drinks (diet Malibu and coke for me and Chang beer for Ollie) and choose main meals from the menu.  There was so much choice! I decided to go for Chicken Pad Thai and Ollie went for the Chicken Pen Nang (spelling!?).  

Whilst waiting for our main meal we were given a basket of a mini mild tomato popadoms which tasted lovely.  Our food arrived and I can honestly say that this was probably the most gorgeous pad Thai I've ever eaten.  It was the perfect portion size and the ground peanuts were in a separate bowl to the main meal, so I didn't even have to eat them as I'm not really a nut fan.  The meal wasn't at all stodgy, it was nice and light, and I loved the presentation, in particular the flower-shaped carrot (cute touch!). I couldn't really fault the food at all it was delicious!

We finished our food, and our plates were cleared away promptly and we were brought the dessert menu.  Now I didn't really see anything that took my fancy, and Ollie isn't really a dessert person so we decided to ask for the bill instead :) a photo of some of the dessert menu is to the right:

The bill arrived and the pricing was good value.  The service was very good and prompt and the staff seemed very approachable :) all in all this was a gorgeous little restaurant, and one of York's hidden gems! Ollie and I both agreed we would happily return :)

Thank you for reading! Have you ever been before? I'd love to read in the comments :) xx