Sunday, 2 February 2014

Review of Artichoke in Chester

12th of January 2014

So on the 12th of January myself and my housemate Voirrey decided to have a roast dinner at Artichoke in Chester.  Artichoke is a cute bistro situated by the canal, and offers traditional British dining.

I am not really a fan of red meat, so I asked the waitress, Rachel, if it was possible to have chicken instead, and she happily said I could swap for it, which was great.  Also, being students we only chose to order tap water! So you can see from the menu picture below, what the options were, but we went for the Sunday roast dinner :) and a dessert which costed £13.45.

Artichoke Menu 12/01/14

The roast was delicious, however I would improve it by adding a touch more gravy, as it became a little dry towards the end of the meal.  The veg was lovely and tasted great, and the Yorkshire pud was really big, which I really approved of haha! For dessert we both chose to go for the double chocolate honey comb cake, and asked for ice-cream.  This was one of the best desserts I have ever had at a restaurant, and if you're a bit of a choco-holic, like me, I would highly recommend this!

The service was great, our waitress Rachel was so polite and attended quickly to our requests!  The staff were chatty and made us feel welcome.

Above is a picture of my chicken roast, and to the left is the AMAZING double chocolate honey comb cake, which was devine!

I would recommend visiting here, if you are in the area, it isn't very studenty and provides a warm atmosphere when you visit.

All in all, I would give this restaurant 8.5 / 10 ! :)