Sunday, 23 February 2014

How to Motivate Yourself to be Healthy

23rd of February 2014

I am coming to the final few months of my Psychology Degree, and have struggled keeping myself motivated over the past few years in terms of; my health, my studies and my life.  Here are a few of my top Health tips:

Health Motivation

1.Follow Health Motivational Boards

2. Join the Gym

  • Join with a friend, this allows you to motivate each other to go more regularly!
  • Incorporate the gym regularly into your weekly routine
  • Sign up for PT (Personal Training) sessions.. When I first decided to go for PT I was shocked at myself for actually wanting it! I went with a uni friend, and it was a lot of fun, and they really push you!
  • See what classes are on offer I've tried: Pilates (slow moving, but great for core muscles), Body Pump (Weights to music! Quite difficult as a beginner, but your body will thank you as soon as you leave the studio. Sophia and I could barely get down the stairs without holding the handrail with all our strength haha) and Zumba! (Great fun! Go with friends, I didn't feel like I got too sweaty, but it was very funny and you meet new people)

3. Eat Well, Live well

  • Go on walks, explore the area around where you live
  • Download a pedometer to your smartphone (very motivating!)
  • Create healthy meals - I'm not much of a cook but some things on Pinterest I can actually do! 
  • Go for a swim
  • Get a cheap exercise DVD from HMV and try it in the living room! My housemate and I got one last year, it was very funny because we were both complete beginners and it was v. painful, but worth it!
  • Buy a juicer! Start that Juice Detox :)
  • Try new fruits
  • Buy Popcorn kernels! (much better alternative to crisps)
  • Start a food diary

I hope this has given some of you some ideas of how to motivate yourself :)

Happy reading! x