Friday, 3 January 2014

31/12/13 to 03/01/14 Life Update

So, I thought I would update all of you on my life from New Year's Eve to today :)

31st of December 2013
I hosted a small party with some of my closest friends from School. This is a selfie I took of my make-up before everyone arrived :) comment below if you'd like to know more about my make-up!

It was a lovely evening, spent playing some games, creating cocktails and drinking some champagne! 

1st of January
I decided to surprise my boyfriend, Ollie, with a stay to London for his 21st birthday! So we setted off to get the 11.28 train, and arrived at the station in plenty of time.. could you guess what I had forgoten?! MY PHONE! However, my dad was feeling lovely and managed to drop it off and we got the next train! We checked into a gorgeous hotel, and visited Winter Wonderland (I will do a London blog post once I've sorted the photos out).

2nd of January
Today it was my boyfriend's 21st birthday! I love him so much I wanted to make sure he had a lovely day :) we visited Sea Life London Aquarium as I am a #MerlinEntertainments Employee and can go in free.  We were going to go on the Eye as we can get that free too, however it was so busy, so we went to Starbucks instead :)

After Starbucks we got the train back home and my mum's brother's family was staying so I just had a nice family evening in with everyone.

3rd of January
This morning I went to the cinema with my little cousins (5y/o twin girls) and we watched Frozen (again!! I love it!) it was great fun :) we headed home and relaxed for the rest of the day, playing  "makeovers", "schools" "popstars", drawing and looking for my cat. Amidst the day I was buried in psychological journals doing my coursework for uni.. *yawn* Ollie came round and we read the girls their bedtime story :)

So that was my brief life update! I'm hoping to do a London blog post soon with pictures and recommendations! Thanks for reading, and happy new year!