Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Year - 2013

Overview of some of my 2013 highlights:

I was involved in doing Animal Research at Chester +Chester Zoo , with my university, twice! The first occasion was in June and focused on Chimpanzees' behaviour, and the second was on the Bush Dogs' following behaviour, in November :) 

Jen, Myself and Laura, wearing my researcher pass!

I finished my 2nd year of university with a 2:1 :) 

I saw some famous people!
- the cast of This Morning in Liverpool! I love Phil and Holly, and Phil follows me on twitter (!!! I don't understand it either), so I did some cringe worthy tweeting that day!

You can see Richard, Eamon, Phil, Holly and Stephen :)
- Saw some of my favourite Youtubers! (I WAS STANDING NEXT TO ALFIE!!!)

- I also met a couple of others too, including Ellie Simmonds, Ferdrik Ferrier, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Ann.

I travelled to Italy and France! J'adore les vacances parce que j'aime le soleil! 

I visited the +Harry Potter Studio Tour in London for my sister's birthday! It was just incredible! I would love to go again, it was so much fun, spent hours there!

I visited the DoubleTree Hilton Spa with my housemates. It was amazing. Free champagne, massage, dream room, outdoor pool hammam sauna, steam room, bubble beds etc... I was in heaven!

I went with my boyfriend to watch Derren Brown's Infamous as a birthday present from my parents.. it was actually incredible! I had never experienced anything like it.. Before I went in I was really worried I would be involved in being hypnotised or something but it was all so much fun and I'd love to see more of his live shows.

I spent my summer working at my favourite place ever the Hunstanton Sea Life Centre :) unfortunately the whole site has been flooded and the devastation from the tidal surges has destroyed the whole building :( luckily all animals were evacuated safely, but it will take months of hard work to get it up and running again.  Here are some photos from work :)

I hope you all have a happy New Year! :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

3 Ways to Cope With a Panic Attack

What is a panic attack?
Okay, so I thought I would start off by introducing what a panic attack actually is:

"A panic attack is an experience of sudden and intense anxiety. Panic attacks can have physical symptoms, including shaking, feeling confused or disorientated, rapid heartbeats, dry mouth, sweating, dizziness and chest pain.
The symptoms of a panic attack normally peak within 10 minutes. Most episodes (attacks) will last for between five minutes and half an hour.

(NHS Choices Website, http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/Pages/coping-with-panic-attacks.aspx)

I suffer from panic attacks, and they can be triggered by hundreds of reasons (even just worrying about having one!).  You feel like you can't cope and get increasingly overwhelmed by the uncomfortable situation.  They make me feel light-headed and sick. It's just horrid. Even now, when I sit in lectures I have to make sure I am sitting on the end of a row, because it's so crowded, send it would be a lot easier for me to escape from the room, if I feel sick. By the way, I have never had to run out of a room, but just incase!

Tip 1 - find somebody who can reassure you!
If I'm having a panic attack at uni (away from home) the first thing I do is ring my boyfriend/parents/best-friend. I try not to worry them, I just say "please can you calm me down, this had happened, and I feel like I can't cope, what should I do?" Now explaining the situation to someone else often makes me think more rationally. Also, hearing somebody else talking can often be enough to distract myself and give me a few minutes to catch my breath.

Tip 2 - get outside!
It might seem silly but the fresh air can really help to calm you down.  Breathe in slowly for 5 seconds, and slowly release and breathe out again. This can be difficult to do when you're in the midst of it all but just keep trying. Focus on what's around you; weather, people, cats, birds.. Whatever, and just watch and keep trying to concentrate on what you are watching.

Tip 3 - tappity tap!
My final tip was actually taught to me by my lovely manager at work.  So, when you're having an attack try and tap your hand on your leg, slowly in a continuous rhythmic beat. When you start getting into a rthym focus on your toe muscles relaxing, then your foot muscles relaxing.. And keep working up your body until eventually your whole body should feel more relaxed.

Final word
Just to quickly say if any of you are feeling anxious about anything and need some reassurance, just send me a message or even a tweet that you want to DM me on twitter :)

In the words of Tanya Burr: "be bright. be happy. be you." :)

Frozen Review

What is it about?
Frozen is a +Disney film about the tale of two sisters who grew up together in beautiful castle with their parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle.  Elsa has icy powers and has hidden them from her sister since an accident when they were young. Sadly, after the King and Queen died, Elsa was forced to hide her icy powers by concealing and not feeling them,  and hid her hands in gloves. After being angered by her sister, Anna, on the day she came of age, her icy powers were revealed to the world, and Elsa ended up running away from Arendelle.

Now, Anna was always optimistic and went searching for her sister up into the snowy mountains to try and find her.  On the way she found Sven, Olaf and Kristoff, and all four of them battled with the blizzards to find Elsa.  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Elsa became stressed and ended up freezing Anna.. the only way to thaw the heart would be to find true love..
I'm not giving the end away so you will have to watch it for yourselves! :)

My favourite character:
Olaf was an ingenious addition to the film! He made the whole cinema laugh on multiple occasions, and he was just a fun, loveable character to add to the film and his subtle wit really targeted older members of the audience.

What I loved about it:
1. the film looked absolutely incredible - beautiful snowy scenes, magical ice kingdoms and breath-taking fjords.
2. Olaf's hilariousness! he was so cute!!
3. I loved Disney's spin of having two Princesses, and concentrating so much on family provides a great message for younger generations
4. THE SOUNDTRACK!!! Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato.. excellent singers and so fitting for the tone of the film
5. Seeing the film in 3D was magical!

What I disliked about the film:
1. Okay, so the "baddie" in the film, stressed me out, because I trusted him!!
2. I also thought the trolls in the film were a sort of odd choice to pick, maybe they could have been more woodland animals? or something a little more cute.
... other than that I can't fault it! 

Overall Rating:
This is a must-see for any Disney lover and great for families too!